Life Needs More Slow Dances In The Kitchen

Let’s face it: we all have bad and great days. Many days, we aren’t going to be on the same page as our partners, so it takes even more work to stay on top of intimacy during the days that one or both of us are off kilter.

I have to say that David and I are so mentally and physically connected that when we have even the slightest disconnect, we feel it with little to no words needing to be spoken; it’s palatable for us.

I remember the first time we felt it. I was cooking dinner for us, and I was really focused on what I was doing, but David thought I was upset about something. I’ve never realized how withdrawn I can make myself feel when I’m in that kind of zone.

It took me a minute to get used to letting him be affectionate with me while I was cooking instead of treating it as a distraction. I’m new to cooking and have an attention span issue, so I wasn’t used to juggling multiple things, including a passionate and affectionate partner.

As the months passed, I got better at the juggle and much less frustrated in the kitchen. We always have music on, but when our favorite tunes come on with socks on our puppies, we love to dance in the kitchen. It’s become one of our favorite things to do. We’ve even skipped social dance nights at the studio with others to stay at home to dance in the kitchen alone.

Talk about dreams that I never dreamt possible!!!

Are you and your favorite person dancing in the kitchen, or are you wrapped up in your own thing, not noticing they may want in? Perhaps they are the ones who are preoccupied. Have you made them aware you are not feeling as close to them as you would like to be?

Communication, as it always seems to come down to, is key! Show your partner want more dancing with them in the kitchen, turn the music on, lower the lights, pour a cocktail or pop in a gummy & find some candles, and let the music set the tone.

This is a priority in this house until we can no longer dance!

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