Our First Kiss Story: A New Beginning:

Our First Kiss

A First Kiss Starts a New Life

My husband recently blindsided me, stating he was leaving.

In January, he left, claiming he knew I always loved him more than he loved me.  He claimed just to be alone, but it would come out that wasn’t exactly the case.   

I had cried all my tears, and when the air started to clear, I quickly realized he ultimately did me a huge favor.  

I debated whether to go to San Antonio for a local dance event over Valentine’s weekend the following month.   I knew I would mope around the house all weekend if I didn’t go.  I already had enough of that mess and was ready to move on.  

Finally, I decided I needed to go, so a girlfriend and I made plans to ride down & room together.  

David, a friend from dance, had recently contacted me to see if I wanted to schedule some practice time with him.  Of course, I said yes because he was, at the time, three divisions ahead of me & frankly, one of my favorite leads.

We had been practicing together for the last couple of weeks.  I didn’t think he would be interested, but he bit!   I took a stab and asked David if he wanted to ride with us. 


Nerves and Flirting

I was nervous and excited about this trip, with no clue what to expect or how to act.

I’d been married most of my adult life with many physical issues that brought out many insecurities and hang-ups about my body. 

I’ve had seven major surgeries that left me with an abdomen full of scars, two huge hip replacement scars, and five big screws in my pelvis & spine. 

I wasn’t sure I was prepared for rejection if it got to that point, especially after what just happened to me.

All that week before leaving, David and I had begun texting regularly, a little flirt here and there, nothing major until I mentioned I needed to hide my “toys” from my teenage house sitter. 

He’s intrigued, “Toys, huh?  What kind of toys?” I flat out said, my vibrator!  It was ‘go time’ from there.  Our texting turned to sexting a lot!


That Friday, the three of us headed to San Antonio, checked in and dropped the luggage off in separate rooms.  Then David and I went to a workshop together. 

After the first workshop, we were headed to the next one on another floor, but my back was already bothering me, so I wanted to take the two-floor elevator, which he obliged. 

As soon as the doors closed, he turned to me, just like a scene out of a movie.  He took my face with both hands and kissed me like I had never been on this planet in 50 years.

I had the proverbial weak knees and stood there with limp arms and my mouth wide open in shock at what I had just felt.  His intent was so clear and deliberate that he wanted me. 

He had just swept me off my feet.  Later, he would tell me he knew he would kiss me that day but didn’t know where.

The energy that radiates from us when we are together is pretty palatable, we’ve been told, and it apparently showed.



The doors opened on the elevator.  My friend happened to be standing there with a shit-eating grin, saying,” Ya may wanna go put some more lipstick on.” 

I said what are you talking about?  “She said,” Please, don’t even try; you look like you just ate a canary.” While we were freshening up, I gushed about how he kissed me and how amazing it was.  My heart was overflowing & my body was even more curious about this man now.  It was love at first kiss.

A Couple of months later, he told me he wanted to kiss me in a way that I would remember for the rest of my life. 

Looking back, it was a kiss I will remember forever. 

Mission accomplished!