Top 20 Kinks and Their Definitions

First, what defines a kink?  The definitions you will find are as differing as the kinks themselves. 

  • Some common Definitions
  • Non-traditional preferences
  • Sexual perversions
  • Any kind of non-traditional sexual practices, concepts, or fantasies
  • Anything that is not vanilla

We do not like most of these definitions because they can have a negative connotation.  We believe that as long as it’s legal, doesn’t cause harm, and all parties involved are willing, then enjoy yourself.  

Based on an extensive internet search, here is a list of the 20 most common kinks and their definitions. 

Kinks Definitions

Kink Definitions

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism)

Exploring power dynamics and various forms of physical and psychological play within a consensual context.


Assuming different personas or characters to enact fantasies and scenarios, adding excitement and variety to sexual experiences.

Fetishism (e.g., foot fetish, latex fetish, leather fetish)

Finding sexual arousal or gratification from specific objects, body parts, or materials, often through intense focus or obsession.


They are deriving sexual pleasure from watching others engage in intimate activities, often without their knowledge or consent.


Gaining sexual excitement from exposing oneself or performing sexual acts in public or in front of others.

Age play (e.g., adult baby, daddy/mommy kink)

Adopting roles of different ages within a consensual dynamic, exploring caretaker or dependent dynamics for sexual gratification.

Impact play (spanking, paddling, flogging)

Utilizing physical strikes or implements to create sensations ranging from pleasurable to painful, often as a form of arousal or discipline.

Pet play (e.g., puppy play, kitten play)

Emulating the behaviors and characteristics of animals within a sexual or BDSM context, often involving role-playing and power dynamics.

Sensation play (e.g., wax play, ice play, sensory deprivation)

Various stimuli, such as temperature, texture, or deprivation, enhance sensory experiences and arousal.


Wearing clothing typically associated with the opposite gender for sexual gratification, self-expression, or exploration of identity.

Body worship

Revering and adoring a partner’s body through kissing, touching, or other forms of physical affection, often as a form of submission or devotion.

Medical play

Incorporating medical scenarios, equipment, or role-play into sexual activities, exploring themes of vulnerability, trust, and care.

Humiliation play

Engaging in consensual acts that evoke feelings of embarrassment, degradation, or inferiority for sexual arousal or psychological gratification.


Consensually involving a partner in sexual activities with others, often with the primary partner experiencing arousal from feelings of jealousy or humiliation.


Similar, and often confused with Cuckolding, a partner (usually the wife) is shared with other men or women for the mutual enjoyment of the husband.   The main difference is the lack of jealousy/humiliation and the potential reclaiming of the wife afterward.

Watersports (urine play)

Incorporating urine into sexual activities for arousal or gratification often involves acts of urination on oneself or others.


Deliberately bringing oneself or a partner to the brink of orgasm repeatedly, prolonging sexual arousal and intensifying eventual release.

Erotic hypnosis

Using hypnosis techniques to induce altered states of consciousness to enhance sexual experiences or fulfilling fantasies.

Consensual non-consent (CNC)

Negotiating scenarios in which one party acts as if consent has been waived while maintaining clear boundaries and consent agreements throughout.

Group sex/orgies

Engaging in sexual activities involving multiple partners simultaneously, often in a consensual and organized setting.


Gaining sexual excitement from exposing oneself or performing sexual acts in public or in front of others.

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