Temu Sex Toys – Are They Worth it?

Temu is taking over the world. Their business model is simple. Lose money on every product to generate massive sales and customers, gathering YOUR data to drive their marketing sales. You can buy just about anything on Tem, so not surprisingly, you can Get Sex Toys from Temu.

While unsustainable for long, it is working. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t at least recognize the name. 

We bought 4 sex toys from different categories to see if they are cutting prices or if they are selling the cheapest of knockoffs. 

We will also include a review of Temu as a company and whether or not it’s a good idea to buy from them.

What Temu Sex Toys did We Buy?

We chose five products we thought would be a fair cross-section of adult toys. Here is our list.

  • G Spot Clitoral Vibrator Dildo With App Control

  • BDSM Flirting Tape for Women Lovers 

  • Criss Cross Cut-Out Dress

  • Sex Position Pillow

We did a deep dive into each product to determine if:

Were they safe, durable, and of good quality? Were they comparable to similar products from retail or reputable online retailers?

Lastly, Is it worth buying Temu Sex Toys?

Let’s get going.

The Temu Sex Toy Products

G Spot Clitoral Vibrator Dildo With App Control

G-Spot Vibrator


At the time of purchase, the retail price was 17.79 but was on sale for $8.99.

I wouldn’t say I liked that the app asked for my date of birth, and I was very uncomfortable with some of the language in the app displayed as  Mandarin.

Once in the app,  the controls were easy to use, but you could only select predefined patterns.  Conversely, this can be disappointing compared to the controls of the Lovense or the We-Vibe app.

While the product felt decent enough in our hands,  the real issue was the material.  It is made of latex, and some people can have an allergic reaction to latex.

Key Benefits

Low priced, but that’s about it.

Pricing at Time of Purchase

Original Price : $17.99

Sale Price : $8.98

Pros and Cons


  • Strong Vibration
  • Small Size is comfortable 
  • App Controlled


  • The clit and vaginal vibrations cannot be controlled independently.  The unit only has one vibrating motor.
  • While it can be app-controlled, the features are limited, and the app setup overall felt sketchy.
  • It’s loud, so this would not be good for public play.
  • The packaging is just a clear plastic bag.


Even though the price is meager, we believe you are better off spending a little more and getting something at a minimum, which is a safer material.  Even if you go with fewer features, you will be happier.   Time will tell, but I do not expect this product to last long.  We will keep you updated.   

Suppose you are looking for this type of product.   Check out this link to a comparable one on Amazon.

If you want guidance on choosing the best vibrator, read our guide on the Best Vibrators For People Over 50.

BDSM Flirting Tape for Women Lovers​

I have no idea why they call this ‘Flirting Tape’.


The actual use for this is in the doggy position; it wraps around the receiving partner’s hips, and the giver holds the handles for leverage to increase thrust and power.

The initial feel of this strap is decent enough.  It feels durable and, when put to use, didn’t come apart in our hands.   The material is soft and comfortable.

Key Benefits

Price is going to be the common denominator here.   But it’s a decent fit if a bit small.   We also found that it requires you to hold it in place.   We found this a bit difficult.   Doggy on the bed is a challenge for me due to knee injuries.  This prevents me from maintaining balance, and I am now standing at the mattress’s edge (link to positions here). Oh yeah!!   

Pricing at Time of Purchase

Original Price : $7.99

Sale Price : $3.98

Pros and Cons


  • Quality seems ok for the price.
  • Comfort was ok
  • Washable – So we think…..


  • It needs to be held in place
  • The padded piece could be about six inches longer to wrap around the hips better.


While skeptical, this product does appear to be a little better than most.  We probably won’t be using it frequently, but we will give an update as we know more.

Criss Cross Cut-Out Dress

Temu-Criss-Cross Cut-out Dress


When I saw this dress, I knew I wanted it.  I could imagine Wendy’s lovely curves causing the fabric to sway as she walked or danced.   

Key Benefits

The Dress is soft, comfortable, and VERY sexy.  It’s risque and racy with a sexy side corset style but still covers enough that it could be worn at home or out to the club.   The size chart was accurate, and it comes in 4 colors. 

Pricing at Time of Purchase

Original Price : $18.49

Sale Price : $8.09

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and fits well
  • It is a very sexy look
  • Stitching seems to ok.
  • Fun for play and easy access


  • It can be challenging to get on, especially figuring out which way is the front.
  • The orange and tan colors are not the most attractive.


The dress is fun and held up for initial use.   Of everything we purchased, this was our favorite and was the one satisfactory thing of all the purchases.

Sex Position Pillow

Temu Sex Position Pillow


The classic sex wedge pillow was just what you would expect.  Once unpacked, we just blew it up with a pump.  

Key Benefits

The material feels nice, similar to a sleeping air mattress, and it holds air well after several uses.  


Original Price : $49.99

Sale Price : $11.98

Pros and Cons


Held up after several uses

Material was comfortable


it was a bit smaller than was comfortable 

The edge had a stiff lip that was uncomfortable


While the material was decent, the size and hard edge of the product were not great to use.   We would rather have something significantly more extensive and more comfortable.

A comparable product on Amazon is less than $3.00 more.

Should I buy Temu Sex Toys?


Let’s get down to the questions about the company to see why we think the answer is no.

Pros and Cons


Price MIGHT be a pro here IF the product is okay, but you never know.

Shipping took about a week with a guarantee of no more than 11 days. While not Amazon fast, it is not something we would consider an issue.

They offer a guarantee, but getting a refund can take time.


The sketchy app, which is highly chatty once installed. You are inundated with notifications of special offers ‘Just For You.’ 

It took me less than a day to turn off this app’s notifications.

Occasionally, you will find a decent product, but for the most part, they are very cheap knockoffs and do not last.

Now the Sketchy

What you may not understand about Temu is this:  Temu is not an e-commerce website.   They are a marketing company.

Temu reported 70% of their income from selling ads.   They are collecting massive amounts of information about their customers.   This information includes but is not limited to:

  • IP address
  • Notifications
  • Location
  • Your shopping habits
  • Birthday
  • photos 
  • social media 
  • OS information

 You might say that Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers are doing the same, not to mention Facebook and Google.   You would be correct, but Temu takes it to a new and dark level.   

Temu is a subsidiary of a China-based company, Pinduoduo Inc.   Pinduoduo operates in China like Temu does here.   

PinduoDuo has been caught using malware in their application to gather information about you and their competitors.   

Most importantly, they were collecting private information they should not legally access.

While Temu has not been accused of doing this, they are a  part of the larger company, and it’s not a giant leap to think they would.

If you want a more detailed description of their business practices, check out this YouTube video, which goes into much more detail.


Let’s wrap up.   Prices are meager, but for the most part, it is quality.  While we got a few items that were okay, we don’t have considerable confidence they will last over time. 

Temu is invading your privacy and sending that information to China.  Their apps and website are intrusive and sketchy, creating a great deal of distrust.

Should you buy from Temu?  Our opinion is no if for no other reason than the trust factor.

If you have installed the app, then we highly recommend removing it.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. These are products I’ve personally used and stand behind. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

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