Saturday Romps

Saturday Romps

We call them our Saturday Romps.  After David and I returned from the San Antonio event, we spent most of our waking hours together in bed, taking meal breaks, then back to bed.  We call them our Saturday Romps.

After a couple of months, the reality of caring for a home and a business started to creep in. I also worked one Saturday a month.

We are gone a weekend about every six weeks and discovered that it’s damn near impossible for us to fool around at dance events.  Basically, our bodies do not handle both, so we usually wait until we return home.

I missed those day-long romp sessions on Saturdays if we had to miss more than one.  We love indulging in an excellent breakfast and sharing hot shower.  Obviously,  it really gets us all heated up.



We explored most with bed restraints and spanking on our Saturdays.  My favorite is the flogger.  Then, We discovered a place on my left shoulder blade that I liked more intensely.  As a result, we were both surprised.

The level of what I can take always takes David by pleasant surprise.  I often wonder if our super close-by neighbors can hear me calling out in pleasure or the snaps of the flogger on my skin.



So, recently, I decided to open additional late hours once a month during the week starting in October so that I can reclaim one of my Saturdays to spend time with my man.

I’m looking forward to having that additional reconnection time with him that we’ve discovered is very important to us.

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