Review Tantus Uncut

Metis Black launched a dildo line called Uncut. David and I were unfamiliar with this company and their products, so we were excited to try both.

First off, this is a rather long dildo, but what makes it unique is the fact that it is uncircumcised. I was curious if it would feel different than other dildos, but I found that it didn’t make a huge difference.   

The head, while uncircumcised, is molded in shape so it does not retract, preventing moisture and bacteria buildup within the toy.

It comes in three colors: cream, honey, and black.   

tantrus uncut

The Uncut dildo has a realistic design – gentle curve, veins, wrinkled skin, and a foreskin. It is made from dual-density, completely skin-safe silicone, with a soft outer layer and firm inner core. The head is very squishy and comfortable. The shaft has some flex but is still sturdy enough for harness play.

The coronal ridge blends smoothly into the shaft, making insertion quite comfortable.

It’s longer than we normally buy, so we were surprised to find it so comfortable, and the extra length worked for us by making the toy easy to handle during use.   

The wide base will keep it securely in a harness for inclined people.

Overall this is a sexy and snuggly toy with a unique feel. 

This thoughtfully designed dildo will see a lot of enjoyable use. 

Mature Consideration

How To Choose A VibratorThere are always special considerations to take into account as we age.

This dildo, with a length of 8.75 inches and a diameter of 1.75 inches,  is both thicker and long.   Sometimes, age brings changes to the body, which we cover in part in How to Choose a vibrator.   That said, while we found the length to be great, the girth of this dildo may be a consideration.

Product Care​

Excerpt from the product Website: 

Due to the highly textured nature of this toy, boiling or dishwasher use is highly recommended to ensure the tiny surface texture is completely cleaned, no matter what kind of lube is used. The process used to create the skin-like texture of the silicone (in addition to the actual wrinkles) may create small indentations that are normal for production, and simply require a more thorough cleaning.100% Ultra-Premium Silicone is naturally bacterial resistant

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