Missionary Sex Position

The missionary sex position is by far the most common.  Just like Vanilla ice create, there is a reason.   It is very comfortable, simple and intuitive, providing a very high level of intimacy.  

Key Takeaways


Difficulty for Him

Difficulty for her

Recommended for

Anyone and everyone, this is the go to for the first and last time and anywhere in the middle.   For most anybody with body challenges this is probably one of the easiest.    Basically, if any body part hurts, this is the best position for you.

Avoid If

This position might be a bit more difficult if you both partners are overweight.   If so, take a look at some of the side by side positions.

For her

The missionary sex position is very comfortable for the woman with may variations easily achievable with a number of different leg positions.  

For him

This position affords the man many options from deep thrusts, grinding, and changing angles 

What is the Missionary Sex Position?

The woman lies on her back,  legs open to whatever degree is comfortable.  The man moves between her legs positioning himself to control penetration.  From this position he can control, depth, pace and level of thrust.


Facing your partner and laying close together gives this position deep intimacy.  Each partner can wrap arms around each other or by changing angles a bit, explore each others body.  This position also is perfect for those deep passionate kisses that can drive straight to ecxtacy.  

Tips to Make it Even Better

If you are feeling adventurous,  try some expert tips to make the experience even hotter.

  • The man Can undulate his hips creating a clit grinding sensation
  • Changing level of the man’s body will change the angle of penetration for greater variety
  •  Adding body weight to each thrust can deepen penetration more forceful penetration but take care to make sure it is something she desires and is comfortable for her
  • Raise her legs to change penetration angle

Missionary Sex Position Variations

Spread Eagle Missionary Position
Eagle Missionary Position

If she is comfortable, you can raise her legs to your shoulders.  Penetration will be deep possibly stimulating the G-Spot depending on the angle.

Spread Eagle
Spread Eagle

The positioning can be different,  from spread wide and lifting her from the bed to open completely wide 

Other Variations...Sometimes a picture is better than words

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