Homemade Sex Toys – Are They Worth it?

If you want to make your sex toys, you can find an abundance of articles giving detailed instructions on how to make any number of homemade sex toys. DIY sex toys are not a new thing, but I have questions. Are they worth it? More importantly, are they safe? As I’ve grown older, comfort and safety concerns have taken a front seat in almost everything we do.

DIY Sex Toy

Let’s take a look at a few examples and the safety concerns.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common homemade sex toys. I’ll look at each, compare costs, and give our opinion on their safety. All prices were accurate at the time of writing and subject to change.


We are neither safety experts nor advocate using items for purposes other than their intended. This is strictly our opinion, as we have concerns about safety and possible health concerns with some DIY solutions we have seen. You are responsible for your safety, so be sensible. The sex toys we recommend are made of body-safe materials and have been tested. Homemade DIY solutions have not. Consider yourself warned.

Safety Scale


Very Good




DIY and Homemade Nipple Clamps

What is it?

Homemade nipple clamps are items such as clothes pins or shower curtain clips. I even saw one article using two chopsticks and a couple of rubber bands. Nipple suckers are usually plastic tubes with rubber bulbs for suction, such as turkey basters.


Nothing special here. Just your everyday household Clothespin. They are easy to use and very cheap.

Clothespin nipple clamp
4 Stars


Clothespins are made of wood, and while not intended as sex toys, they have been used as nipple clamps for as long as they have existed.

While not considered ‘Body-Safe’ per sex toy industry standards, wood is usually safe when used on the skin, but watch for splinters. Clothespins are not safe for body insertions!!!!

$5.96 (Pack of 50)

Binder Clips

Black binder clips are used in every office worldwide to keep large stacks of paper fastened together.

3 stars


I’ve never actually heard of anybody having any injuries from using binder clips, I can say my one safety concern here is that there is no way to control the amount of pressure. Also, If you have ever gotten pinched by one of the really small ones, you know they hurt like a bitch. Imagine that on your nipple….

That said, these might be a fair option with a little caution.

$9.99 (Pack of 40)

Aligator Clips

Nothing special here. Just your everyday household Clothespin. They are easy to use and very cheap.

Aligator Clip
2 stars


This one is a bit more dangerous. While it does have decent pressure, the metal teeth tend to scratch and cut the skin. Nipple cuts suck, so if you want to give these a try, then take great care.

$65.99 (Pack of 40)

Now, the Real Thing

The question here for me is simple. When it costs the same, why not buy the real product?

Adjustable Metal Nipple Clamps

Non piercing, metal and adjustable

DIY Sex Toy Cost Comparison


DIY Price

Retail Price

DIY and Homemade Cockrings

$ 0.99

DIY and Homemade Sex Machine / Symbian

$ 200 – 600


DIY and Homemade Butt Plugs

$ 20.00

DIY and Homemade Vibrators

$ 30.00

Plus One Rabbit Vibrator



If the cost is the same and will sacrifice quality and safety, why would you even bother trying to make your toys? Be safe, and we hope you enjoy your sex toy adventure.

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