The Dropping Metal Ben Wa Balls

Metal Ben Wa Balls

Public play with metal ben wa balls might require a bit of caution.  

After David and I had been together a month or so, he expressed that he wanted to replace all of my toys. I had been with my ex for 20 years, so I didn’t own any that didn’t have memories attached to them, so out everything went.

My first replacement was The Nora by Lovense; I LOVE IT! My favorite and gets the most regular use. We had discussed wanting to try new things or things I hadn’t done in a long time. He asked if I had any experience with ben wa balls; to his surprise, I hadn’t.

Buying Metal Ben Wa Balls

We went to a local “toy store.” I must admit it was clean and organized but still felt seedy because I could hear apparent porn sounds coming from the  “video rooms” down the hall with guys going in and out of there, hard pass it was not our kind of place. Still, before we left, we picked up our first set of ben wa balls. 

They were heavy, so I was concerned about being able to keep them in, especially at 50. Things are not quite as tight as they once were.

David wanted to take me to dinner wearing these, and frankly, knowing how turned on he would get made me want to please him. So we had dinner reservations. I got all dolled up, and he asked if he could put them in, so I obliged. They were so heavy I had to squeeze to keep them in.

As I was heading to the front door, I noticed every step I took they felt like they were steadily heading down the canal to the port of entry. By now, I’m giggling but trying desperately not to because even breathing hard made these things come out. 3

We were both laughing at this point, and they just came out. He tried reinserting them further only to have the same resulting in similar conclusion: I need to do Kegels and or buy lighter-weight balls.

Step 2: Proceed With Caution

Metal Ben Wa Balls Caution

So, lighter-weight balls it is! We stopped by Cyndie’s lingerie in Houston on our way to a dance competition. The manager there is amazing and knows everything about all of their products. She showed us what we needed, plus some extra play items like The Swiss Army lube and Cleanser, fabulous products, and a new paddle. We ended up getting pink silicone magnetic balls. Very soft & light weight.

We decided to try them with dinner reservations again. These felt nice; I sometimes couldn’t feel anything, so we thought that meant success until we got home. I could not get them out; see, these were a good bit smaller than the last ones. I started to panic because, as hard as I tried, I could not push or fish them out. He didn’t know what to do to help. I had to figure out that I had to bend over, bear down like giving birth, and externally push on my perineum to help push them out.

David immediately held his hand out, saying those are going in the trash now.

Update:  just ordered Metal Ben Wa Balls Amazon.  Review to follow soon.


We haven’t given up on balls but haven’t ventured back out yet, either, I guess it’s time to get on the ball, huh?

We will keep you updated when we find the perfect Metal Ben Wa Balls!!!


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