Doggy Sex Position

sex positions for seniors - Doggy Sex Position

The Doggy Sex Position is easy to perform and has many variations.  Men often find this position gives them a feeling of control, while the woman may find herself able to let go and take a submissive role if she so desires. 

This position is comfortable on both back and joints, and balance is easy to maintain since she is on all fours and the man can hold on.  

Pillows can also be placed under her hips for added comfort, giving her a resting place.

Key Takeaways


Difficulty for Him

Difficulty for her

Recommended for 

  • Lower Back Issues
  • Stamina Concerns
  • For her, if she has hip problems where spreading her legs causes pain


  • This position might be challenging if you have knee problems
  • Since she is facing away, this is one of the least intimate positions 

How to Perform the Doggy Sex Position

sex positions for seniors - Doggy Sex Position

For her, all you need to do is get on all fours. You should be very comfortable since you are in a stable hands-and-knee position. Once in position, spread your legs wide enough for him to slip between.  

For Him, he places his knees between her legs, positioning himself for penetration.  You can gently use her back for balance is needed. Then let the thrusting begin. 

Both partners need to talk to each other, and as you are not facing, be open to talking about what you like, whether it’s deeper, harder, or softer.

Tips to Make it Even Better

The man will be moving in and out, but there are many things you can do to enhance the experience.
  • He is in a great position (depending on those knees) to reach around and rub her clit.
  • She is in the perfect position to play with her clit or even stroke him on the outstroke.
  • She can also play with his balls
  • If it’s your thing, spanking can be a great addition
  • He could take and pull her hair
  • Taking hold of her hips will provide a more forceful and deeper penetration.
  • On the lighter side, He can softly caress or scratch her back or use something soft like a feather. 
  • Leaning back or forward slightly can alter the angle of penetration.
  • This position can be done in many locations.  Try the floor or couch.

Doggy Sex Position Variations

sex positions for seniors - Doggy Sex Position
sex positions for seniors - Fire hydrant Doggy Sex Position
Fire Hydrant

Other Variations

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