Learn How to Make Your Own Sex Doll at Home

DIY Sex Toy Guide

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular. Today, you can buy a sex doll to meet almost any taste and budget. But why would you want one anyway? As mature and discerning adults, we may find the idea offputting, and that’s fair. Let’s address some reasons those of us later in life might or might not want a sex doll.

Why Would You Want a Sex Doll

Only creepy perverts have sex dolls hidden in their closets. Wrong. These are usually just regular, everyday people like you and me. People from all walks of life are buying sex dolls for a variety of reasons.

We have said it before. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can’t still be adventurous. A sex doll could be a fun and different way to spice up your love life.

Couples buy sex dolls as a way to experiment with other partners or bring another partner without risking emotional attachment, allowing them to explore sexual desires without cheating. Sex dolls can be surrogate partners when one partner is unable to participate in sex due to health issues or is just not interested.

Singles buy them for reasons such as loneliness, intimacy, and fulfilling their fantasies without judgment. Some who have lost a life partner may find it easier to begin the process of establishing intimacy by starting with a sex doll. Also, after a certain age, a person may not even want to engage with a real person for a period of time or even the remainder of their life.

It’s not just for men, either. There is a strong and growing market of women seeking the same things as their male counterparts, and the market has responded with many male models.

While the positive or negative impact sex dolls have on us psychologically can be argued, the fact remains that these are options today.

Why Build Your Own Sex Doll

Because they can be Damned expensive, that’s why. Yes, you can buy a cheap blow-up doll for

Doggystyle Rebekah Love Doll

Rebekah Is Always Ready For Action — And She’s So Playful! She’s A Life Sized Wo… [More]

Price: $44.99
Sale: $44.99

Yes, you can buy a cheap blow-up doll to start with the cheapest of the cheap. The price is right, but you will sacrifice realism and probably durablity.

This could be a way to try one and see if it interests you.

Conversely, you could fork over roughly $1,500 – $2000 for a realistic look, and they even offer customization for your specific needs.

The other option is to build your own. I could write an extensive how-to, but I don’t think I could do it better than the fine people at Bedbible, so I’ll include a link to their guide. Just click here.

Option 1 – Life-Size DIY Sex Doll

If you want to go all in and build your own, check out BedBible’s guide. They cover how to build one and even a few alternatives. I really like this article, but it is a bit of work. Also, keeping everything in place might be a bit challenging, especially when moving it around.

I had one alternative to the pillows for the body and head. I found this life-size torso on Amazon that would do the trick. This would remove the need for the pillows as well as the masturbators. At the time of writing, the price was $249.00. While it does increase the price of the overall build, you might find the extra money worth it.

You might also consider changing out the black bodysuit for something a little softer and more skin tone. This bodysuit is an example of one you could get in more neutral colors, which would facilitate dressing your doll for a bit more realism.

Click the button to check the current price

nude full body catsuit

Female Torso Love Doll 

With big soft gel boobs, pink nipples, a thin waist, peach hips, and a tight anal vagina, you can twist different positions to enjoy breast sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex, missionary style, or doggy style at will.

  • Perfect-Sized Female Torso
  • 3 in 1 Realistic Sex Doll
  • ultra Soft Gel Breast & Built In Molded Kelaton
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Option 2- Masturbator and Pillow

Here’s the deal. If you want the idea of a body underneath you, It’s simple. Place a male masturbator between two pillows and you are set.

Option 1

Lovense is one of our Favorite Brands. This is the Max 2. If you are looking for a masturbator, then this is our pick. This product has several vibration settings and speeds.

Normally $199.00 at the time of writing, we almost always see it on sale for $99.00

Option 2

Manual masturbators work exceptionally well when used this way. If you are looking for a no-frills manual masturbator, give this one a try. It is made of quality TPE material and is durable with a great textured feel.

Option 3 – Ladies Choice

We can’t leave the ladies out now, can we? You can buy one of the expensive dolls. Anyone selling a female doll will most certainly carry male options as well. That said, if you want something less expensive and easier to store, then take a look at something like this.

Male Sex Doll for Women with Big Realistic Dildo


While creating your customized sex doll requires some effort, many find the process rewarding and the end result to be well worth it. Having an intimacy aid specifically tailored to your desires can open up new avenues for erotic exploration and self-discovery as you navigate the world of sex and relationships over 50.

Just remember to approach the doll-making endeavor with an open mind, a spirit of playful creativity, and a commitment to exploring your sexuality safely and respectfully. With some patience and the right materials, you can craft a unique companion to bring more pleasure and passion.

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