Cowgirl Sex Position

Cowgirl Sex Position 3d

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is sexier than watching a beautiful woman lower herself onto you and seeing the pleasure in her eyes as her body begins to move.

While we do not indulge often in this position, it is still a favorite, especially for Wendy. As you may already be aware,  Wendy and I each have our challenges when it comes to sexual positions. If you are interested, you can read about our challenges here.  

Let’s say we have bad knees and hips and move on now. While challenging, it also gives us an excuse to explore various positions, seeking the ones we find work best. We always pass those on to you, our wonderful readers. 

We find it appealing because it gives Wendy an opportunity to take some control and drive her own pleasure. 

Key Takeaways


Difficulty for Him

Difficulty for her

Recommended for

This position is great for bad knees or hips. Once in place, it is very comfortable for both partners.

Avoid If

If you have back issues, getting into position can sometimes be more difficult.

For her

It allows for depth and penetration and control of both penetration and speed. The ability to bounce or grind can also create variations in stimuli.

For him

Well, Being hands-free gives you the freedom to explore her body, and also, her clit is within easy reach.

How to do the Cowgirl Sex Position?


The man will lay on his back while the receiving partner straddles him.  The position looks like someone riding a horse, thus the name. 

Once in this position, the receiver can use their arms as leverage on their chest or the bed for leverage or sit fully upright, freeing their hands to play with him or herself.


One of the best things about Cowgirl is that you are face to face with your partner, encouraging kissing and creating a very intimate experience.    This can also be a very empowering experience for the rider as they can be very much in control.

Tips to Make it Even Better

Cowgirl Sex Position Drawing

If you are feeling adventurous,  try some expert tips to make the experience even hotter.

  • Stimulate her clit
  • Use a Toy
  • Play with his chest or nipples
  • Adjust your position for more comfort 
  • Change the Angle of your body
  • Grind rather than bounce
  • Lay forward and kiss

Cowgirl Sex Position Variations

Reverse Cowgirl
Reverse Cowgirl

Sometimes called Rodeo, Reverse Cowgirl is just what it sounds like. The woman is turned in the other direction. Here, she has many options for changing the angle of penetration, such as leaning forward, sitting up, or leaning back in what is often called Lazy Cowgirl. Experiment with variations of this one!

Cowgirl chair
Chair Cowgirl

The man sits in a chair, and the woman faces him. This position is very comfortable for both partners, allowing freedom of movement and comfort. The woman has a range of movement options, and she can also use the back of the chair for support and leverage. Adding a pillow to the chair can add comfort, change the angle of penetration, and add a little spring to the action.

Reverse Chair Cowgirl

Providing great flexibility, comfort, and variation, Reverse Chair Cowgirl is a fantastic (and favorite) pose for us. There are lots of options for hands controlling tempo and force, and penetration is the best aspect of this one. Go Crazy!!!

Lying Cowgirl Sex Position
Lying Cowgirl

The Lying Cowgirl sex position is one of the most intimate poses ever….of all time.   It is similar to the cowgirl, except the woman can lie entirely forward.  This is relaxing and comfortable for both partners, allowing you to rest and enjoy a soft, intimate encounter.

Squatting Cowgirl Sex Position
Squatting Cowgirl

Now, this position could be challenging if the woman has balance, knee, or hip issues, but if not, then getting up on your feet can add some extra force and deep penetration.  The position is the same as  cowgirl, except the woman is on her feet.  I strongly suggest using your hands on his chest for support, and the man can use his hands for some extra stability.


Cowgirl offers excellent flexibility with the added advantage of giving the woman a sense of control. The position is exceptionally comfortable for men with knee, hip, or back limitations.   While some variations may be challenging for women with such issues, several are comfortable.

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