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We are dedicated to helping you embrace a vibrant and satisfying sex life as you navigate the journey beyond 50. 

We understand that sexual desire and fulfillment are important aspects of overall well-being, and we’re here to provide you with valuable insights, real-world anecdotes, product reviews, and practical how-to’s that can revitalize your sexual experiences and maintain that spark throughout the years.

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and resources to embrace a fulfilling sex life after 50 and beyond. Through engaging anecdotes, honest product reviews, and actionable advice, we aim to inspire and support you on this journey of discovery and pleasure.  

Why Are We Doing This?

Wendy and I started this site as a labor of love.  We both have experienced the devastation of failed relationships. Relationships that were lacking in quality connection to each other and, yes,  a lackluster sex life.

When we found each other, we both were in a place where we wanted to do it differently.  We both knew it had to be possible to have a rewarding sex life that was exciting, filled with desire, and just as fulfilling as it was when we were 20.

First and foremost, we prioritized communication.   We desired for this relationship to be open, honest, and rewarding.  We took the lessons from our past and applied them to our lives together, and it has been amazing.  Challenges and difficulties always exist in any relationship, but we have found our path to navigate.

We wanted to share our story, lessons learned, openness, and practical tools we use to:

  • Maintain open communication
  • Keep our lives vibrant
  • Engage in a fulfilling and Exciting sex life

What You Will Find

While we have a mission, this site is an ever-evolving work in progress.

Let’s be clear.  

We are not professional counselors.   What you get here is what has worked for us and those in our community and a few things that haven’t.   We do not attempt to repair your relationship or offer any relationship, medical or professional counseling.   

If your relationship is broken and you need help, we encourage you to seek counseling.

If your relationship is stale, stagnant, and apathetic and needs revitalization, you may find something here to help.  

  We focus on the things that make sex great.  Sex positions for those of us that can’t quite bend like we used to or (like me) whose knees have just gone to crap :).

We discuss the how and why of sex toys,  what works best for us, and the occasional product review.  You will also find stories from both our experiences as well as our readers revealing challenges and how we faced them.  

Where to Start

If you are new here, we suggest you start with the guides, where we give our opinion on sex positions, toys, and tips for spicing things up.

Next, take a peek at Relationships. Here, we focus on communication and creating an open and judgment-free environment for you to grow together.

Men, a new category that is important to me is Mature Masculinity. In it, I talk about what it means to be masculine in your 50s and how to create value for you and her.

We look forward to seeing you inside!!!